You’ve found the dress of your dreams, now it needs to fit like a dream! 

With 25 years’ experience in couture design and alterations, owner Susan Sorbello can alter your dress to showcase not only its beauty, but more importantly, the beauty of the person wearing it!

Susan and her expert staff of seamstresses and tailors work closely with brides-to-be to provide the perfect fit for their special dress. If you didn’t purchase your dress from us, don’t worry, we offer the same alteration services for all of our clients.


If you are planning on staying the same size as you are now, we suggest scheduling your first fitting straight away. Alterations are a process taking variable amounts of time, depending on what needs to be done for each bride and each dress. Some gowns may need only one fitting, but others may take several over a period of time.

For those brides planning on size changes, contact us early for our suggestion on when to get started.

If you live in another State, please let us have the dates of your visits as early as possible so we can allocate time especially for you. Please contact us to determine how we can best serve you. When you’re ready, schedule your appointment.

Things you should know before you come for your first fitting:

Bring the shoes and any undergarments you plan to wear with your gown. We cannot pin your hem length until we have your heel height. Many gowns do not need to be worn with a bra. However, any undergarments worn may change your size, so it is important you are fitted with a bra if you are intending to wear one at the wedding.

We estimate your alterations cost for each piece of work at each fitting. For example, if we are working on your side seams at the first fitting and your hem at the second fitting, you will be billed for the side seam fitting cost at the first fitting. You will be billed for your hem at the second fitting. Expect to pay the full amount of any estimated alteration costs at the time of each fitting. Any adjustments to estimated prices will be made at the following fitting. There is a fitting fee of $30 charged, normally at the first fitting. On the rare occasions we have to repeat work because of a weight change or shoe change, we have to charge you for the additional work. Therefore, it is important to let us know in advance of your plans so we schedule fittings that work best for all of us. If you would like time to look for accessories or take pictures during your fitting appointment, please let us know in advance that you would like an extra half hour appointment before your seamstress arrives for your fitting.

If you are unable to keep your appointment and have to reschedule, please call us as soon as possible. Missed appointments may incur a fitting fee. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!